The Jalanidhi Information Management System abbreviated as [JIMS] is intended for reducing the time delay that may occur while implementing Jalanidhi project in Grama Panchayaths or at the BG [Beneficiary Group] level. The various activities that are the part of the of Jalanidhi project are divided into milestones. Milestone based activity tracking makes it easier for the implementation and monitoring of the scheme based activities at the PMU, RPMU level etc. JIMS is an automated system which reduces the time taken for manual data processing and provides a platform to send and approve the data simultaneously by the authorized persons. The JIMS also provides the facility of Dynamic reporting which makes it easier for the KRWSA to generate variety of reports within a minimum span of time.

All the financial information processing and approvals forms the part of JIMS, making it a better a user interface for the implementation of the Jalanidhi Scheme. The audit of the Jalanidhi scheme can also be performed via the JIMS application. The responsive feature of the application makes it accessible everywhere. The original hierarchal structure is captured efficiently into the JIMS application making it more flexible and fully integrated.

Thus, JIMS encapsulates the top to bottom procedure of the Jalanidhi scheme into an Automated Management Information System which makes a smooth and friendly user experience that has been built to ensure the user seamless adoption.
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